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Unlike other packaging & printed tape suppliers, Tape Printers of Australia survives purely on printed tapes, labels, and barrier films. We can not depend on other packaging lines for our success, so it is vital for us to focus on our customer’s needs. Just like a boomerang, we need our customers to keep coming back.

We know that in today’s despatch Departments our customers require more than just an O K seal on their boxes. The modern despatch Department requires a tape that has quality adhesion, quality strength, quality printing from a supplier that can ensure quality service all at a reasonable price.

We strive to encompass all these qualities, and do more than just ‘printatape’.

Today’s customers insist that they get value for money. We believe that if tape printing companies were rated in the same way that a country’s financial position is rated, Tape Printers of Australia we would be a AAA rated company.

Tape Printers of Australia believes that in today’s business world we cannot simply cling to the old ways, to be a success we must continue to look at ways to improve product and service.
If you believe we can improve our service and commitment, letting us know what you think.